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On May 25, 2018 the new European privacy law "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" will be effective worldwide for all EU citizens. Wikimedia Belgium as a Belgian organisation must be strictly compliant.

Therefore we describe here how we process private data as a consequence of ones membership of Wikimedia Belgium.

Data register

As a small nonprofit national organisation we only keep a limited list of private data. All data are provided by the member. We store and process the following information:

Private data elements
Data element Data processing
Name and first name Enregistrement de l'adhésion
Title and gender Title text
e-mail address Send newsletter, contact members, invitation to General assembly
Languages Messages in own language
Birth place Distinguish amongst duplicate names
Birth date
Telephone number Contact by telephone when required
Start and end date of associate membership Membership treatment
Start and end date of effective membership
Last membership payment date
Reason of effective membership
Wikimedia username[1]
Bank account number Only provided by persons that claim expenses related to the organisation.

Retention: only kept for one single (approved) expense claim.

National registration number Only for the legal registration of Board members

Data elements for the mailing list: e-mail address and preferred language

Data items that are not stored:

  • We do not store member bank account numbers; those are only available in our bank account transaction records when a member pays ones (yearly) membership fee, or we receive a donation. Bank transactions are kept for 10 years.

Data storage

We use Google Cloud for Nonprofits.

Data protection

We use Google Cloud for Nonprofits. We appoint our own administrator to protect the data. Only the membership administrator can update private data.

Data access

Board members and project leaders of Wikimedia België have read access to the above data. Only board members have access to the National registration number of other board members.

Data processing

Only the administration team of Wikimedia België can process the above data. Private data is not communicated nor transferred to third parties. Only the federal government (CBE/UBO) is using the National registration number.


Members are either associate members, or effective members.

Members agree that the above data will be stored and processed as a consequence of ones membership. Members have the right to consult, and request to update the above data.

The Belgian NPO law requires that we permanently keep registrations about effective membership (even after resignation).

Update your data

If you want to correct your private data please send an email to info@wikimedia.be. Data can be deleted on request to the extent that this is permitted by the legislation and does not endanger the processing of the data.

Google Cloud for Nonprofits

We use Google Cloud for Nonprofits. Google Cloud for Nonprofits follows the same rules as "G Suite for Education" and is GDPR complient. More information:

Legal notice

The above rules are of course subordinate to any national or international law. We must also comply with the non-profit legislation, and the UBO register.

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Notes and references

  1. Free membership for active Wikimedia users