2017-01-10 Board meeting

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2017-01-10 20:00-22:00 Board meeting via Hangout

  • Present: Geert, Loraine, Romaine, Robin, Alberto
  • Excused: none
  • Not present: none
  • Advisors present: Maarten

Agenda - General Assembly 28 January 2017[edit]

✓ Done Invitations sent
  • Re-election of president: Geert
  • Re-election of Alberto, Romaine
  • 2nd year board member for Loraine, Robin
  • Any other candidates need to announce themselves before the 18 January 2017?

Maarten: about engagement of Board members. The annual general assembly should be a moment of reflection for the board members. As a board member, do you want to engage yourself in an extra year for WMBE? Take responsibilities and actions, come to the meetings, help with projects, etc? This should be a personal decision.

The role of Advisors[edit]

Advisors do not need to be elected by the General Assembly; it requires only a decision of the board. Maarten, Dimi, Antoine should announce if they prefer/agree to stay in function.

There was a feeling amongst the board members that we need to review the function of Advisors.

Fosdem 4-5 February 2017[edit]

✓ Done e-mail sent

WMDE did not wish or could not have a booth? Too late to reserve for this year’s FOSDEM... Should WMBE take over the organisation for next year? Questions to be asked to Sandra if WMBE might do the reservation for 2018 on behalf of the other WM chapters. Geert takes care of the booth reservation, Romaine to order materials or ask other chapters + pencils…

WMDE answered that the agree for WMBE to be the intermediary for FOSDEM booth.


Project brainstorming (ordered) post-its 2 July 2016

Bring it in the GA? Present a summary to the GA.

GA program[edit]

  • Welcome word.
  • Activity report and Financial report of the past year
    • Activity report 2016
    • Financial report 2016
      • Money spent
      • Revenues: from the foundation + from former treasurer
      • Former treasurer (WMF decided to keep the debt open until he pays back)
      • New & more secure way to deal with financial procedure (two people)
      • Balance
  • Activities and budget planned for 2017
    • Budget
    • 2017 Grant
  • Discharge of current board
  • Board members elections
  • State of WMBE 2016: present a summary of the board brainstorming (SWOT analysis and way forward)


  • Brussels Writing Week
  • WLA + WLM activities
  • Developing network

New year letter to our members + invitation to pay subscription fee[edit]


  • Former treasurer administration and refunds
  • WMF WLM grant 2016 of 2840 EUR: received
  • WMF grant for 2017: arriving before end of January
  • WMF Report over 2016: done
  • Project grants 2017: accepted

New Bank account[edit]

✓ Done New Bank account
  • Announced on web site
  • Expense declarations and invoices to be sent to info@wikimedia.be
  • Creation of payment orders by Romaine
  • Payments by Geert

Projects and partners meetings[edit]

  • Projects Erfgoed Brugge meeting 6 February 2017 (9h30 North Station, in front of Exki)
  • Brussels Writing week; First meeting; To be detailed further in February
  • Projects Koning Boudewijnstichting; Possibilities to get budget from them (every 3 month for vzw projects of max 1 year); Idea: project with culture and heritage (Belgian horses) – to be defined
  • Goals for 2017: more people on board + network
  • Main focus. Keep people active.


  • Berlin Training (2 d)
  • Berlin Conference (3 d)
  • Geert + Romaine

Board meeting rhythm[edit]

OK for a regular Hangout meeting? 19h: last Monday of the month.

EU Copyright law change proposal[edit]

  • Status of letters to the ministry related to EU Copyright law change proposal.
  • Receipt received from Alexander De Croo and from the FOD copyright commission.
  • Nothing received from Kris Peeters.


  • Incoming letters handling: scan and email to responsible person/board members
  • Income Tax declaration 2014 and 2015 OK now.

Expense declarations[edit]

  • New procedure (almost) ready.
  • To be announced, and new template available.
  • Expense declarations and invoices: PDF documents and Excel all in one single ZIP file attachment to be sent to info@wikimedia.be

Review current working of the Board[edit]



Romaine was elected as treasurer. YES by acclamation.

Any other questions?[edit]