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Everyone Wiki in Corona Times[edit]

The Pajottenland Zennevallei Heritage Cell has organised several activities since 2020 in collaboration with Wikimedia Belgium and volunteers from the Wikimedia community. There have been organised 2 webinars to encourage heritage enthusiasts to describe local heritage on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. On this basis, a QR-code is applied to selected heritage, allowing visitors to read the Wikipedia page in their own language on their smartphone.

Award ceremony Wiki Loves Pajottenland Zennevallei[edit]

A total of 674 photos were uploaded for the campaign this summer Wiki Loves Pajottenland Zennevallei, 190 photos were submitted by individual volunteers. From these, a seven-member jury has selected 20 winning photos, each of which will receive a prize at the prize session on 3 December in Kasteel La Motte in Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle (Dilbeek). Registration, CST ticket and mouth mask are required.

Wiki Loves Heritage 2021[edit]

The Wiki Loves Heritage 2021 photo campaign ended on 30 November with 1402 photos uploaded. A jury will judge the photos. The award ceremony will follow in February.

Edit-a-thon “Rethinking Economics” at the ULB[edit]

On 28 October, a writing session was organised at the faculty economy van of the ULB about well-known female economists who did not yet have a Wikipedia article.

Wikimedia conference in the Netherlands[edit]

On 13 November, the WikiconNL conference was organized virtually, due to corona. Geert Van Pamel presented how Wikimedia Belgium organises its activities supported by Wikidata and other Wikimedia platforms.

Public History UGent Department of History[edit]

On 16 November, students of the Ghent University were lectured about Public History and the importance of making archives known to the public, to the Wikimedia community and to academia. The neutrality and diversity of Wikipedia and its related platforms were critically reflected upon and discussed. The result are sixteen new Wikipedia articles.

Partnership with “Welcome To My Garden”[edit]

Since November, Wikimedia Belgium is a partner of the project Welcome To My Garden, which aims at describing slow roads on Wikimedia platforms and OpenStreetMap (cyclists and walkers).

Museum pass for volunteers[edit]

Wikimedia volunteers who would like to purchase a nationale museumpas can be reimbursed via an expense claim. This allows them to visit many Belgian museums free of charge for a year and to take pictures of royalty-free collection items, thus enabling even more pictures to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and used as illustrations on Wikipedia. The conditions are that the expense report is properly filled out, a digital copy of the payment slip is included, that the Wikipedia username is communicated on the expense claim, and that pictures are effectively uploaded.

The Wikimedia Belgium website in your own language[edit]

We have translated our public website, to make it accessible again in your own language.

Two additional board members wanted[edit]

By the general meeting in spring 2022, we are looking for at least 2 new board members to strengthen our operations. Candidates can make themselves known to the board via

Fiscal gift through the King Baudouin Foundation[edit]

The Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund is recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation. Your donations will be used to finance Wikimedia Belgium's Fund-approved projects. In principle, donations of 40 € per year to the King Baudouin Foundation give you a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid.

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