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This is a summary of the activities in Belgium in the month June 2014 and some upcoming activities.


The Affiliation Committee recommended the WMF Board to approve our chapter. Read more at: meta:Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Wikimedia Belgium - June 2014.

Pro-iBiosphere final event Meise

Bouchout Castle

At 11 June Daniel Mietchen gave a presentation about Wikipedia and Wikimedia at the pro-iBiosphere Final Event in Meise, near Brussels. The event was held in the Bouchout Castle which houses the Botanic Garden Meise.

At the event the Bouchout Declaration on Open Access to Biodiversity data was launched, signed by over 50 institutions and organizations.[1]

Open The purpose of the Bouchout Declaration is to help make digital data about our biodiversity openly available. It offers members of the biodiversity community a way to demonstrate their commitment to open science.

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Virtual collaboration in the Belgian federal government

The national monument of Belgium, the Atomium, censored due a lack of FOP

At 17 June Romaine gave a presentation for the communicators and knowledge managers of various federal government departments. The subject of the day was virtual collaboration and Wikipedia is a good example of such collaboration. There was especially attention to how users work together on a wiki. This included:

  • procedures and how differences in opinion are managed;
  • projects organized on a wiki and projects together with GLAMs and other organisations; and
  • the limitations users face, among:

Activities in surrounding countries: Lokal K

At 28 June Lokal K in Collogne was opened. The local K is the regional meeting place of the Wikipedia community in Cologne and surrounding area. The room exists since 15 April 2014 and has since May been home several open knowledge related groups. On Saturday 28 June it was officially opened with the Open Day. Lots of volunteers brought something to eat with them to share with others.

Open Hier trifft sich die Wikipedia-Community und tut Dinge.

Upcoming: 2 July: meeting in Brussels

We invite you to this special bimonthly meeting. We have good news as the Affiliation Committee recommended the WMF Board to approve Wikimedia Belgium as chapter.

Let's meet at 19h for a light lunch offered by the organizers. The discussions will start around 20:00. The meeting is open for all interested persons.

Location: El Turco, Place de Londres / Londenplein 6, Brussels

See also: Meetings page on WMBE wiki

Upcoming: 6 July: Wiknic in Eindhoven


Inspired by this mail, we organize a Wiknic (picnic) in the southeast of the Netherlands, so also Belgians, Germans (especially from Nordrhein-Westfalen) and whoever is in the neighbourhood can join!

With sun outside, with rain inside. Dutch pancakes will be baked and stroopwafels will be available. Would be nice if everyone brings some food, drink and more with him/her to share.

  • Time: 13:00 - 17:00 (and later who wishes)
  • Address: Dominee Theodor Fliednerstraat‎, 5631 BM Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • Coördinates: 51.455585, 5.488054
  • Distance: 15 minutes walk from central train station Eindhoven (direct connections from Venlo and Heerlen by train) + 2 local bus stops
  • By car: 500 parking spaces

Signing up for it is welcomed, but not required: Sunday 6 July.