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In December 2017 an edit-a-thon was organised in the library BLI:B in Vorst/Forest.


The goal of the edit-a-thon is to write articles about Vorst/Forest and/or dance in Wikipedia, and to increase the number of articles about these subjects and closer the Belgiumgap. Also taking photos and uploading them is welcome.

History and background[edit]

In 2017 multiple edit-a-thons have been organised in Brussels around dance and/or Brussels. During the Brussels writing weeks 2017 in April two sessions were organised around dance. With the Wikify het Theaterfestival! edit-a-thons in August-September 10 writing sessions were organised around dance. The focus for dance is because Brussels is considered to be a capital of dance in the world and the limited presence of this topic on Wikipedia.




  • Generic 2017 budget



The metrics and statistics of this project are:

  • Number of people present with an activity: 10 users
  • Number of newly registered users: 4 users
  • Number of content pages created/improved: ~10 articles + 18 photos

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