2020-09-19 Board Meeting

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Board meeting 19 September 2020 via conference call (corona lockdown).

Agenda: (see table of contents)
Present: .Anja., Geert
Excused: Mike


Risk matrix corona -> prerequisite for sAPG

Prepare sAPG 2021 by the end of October 2020 (1 month delayed due to corona).

We already got the grant 2021 approved at the end of June by the sAPG Grants team.

See Annual plan/2021 and Budget and resource plan/2021

Planned activities[edit]

Other possibilities[edit]

  • other secondary schools, colleges, universities?
  • Goethe-Instituut
  • Université des femmes
  • Musée de la médecine (ULB)

Public WMBE calendar: https://wikimedia.be/calendar

Do not forget:

Media campaign for “Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund” in November 2020…