2019-07-13 Board meeting

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Special board meeting 13 July 2019.

As previously announced, we will have a special board meeting to review the communication abuse of 17 June 2019 by Romaine.

Several board members indicated this was a severe incident, having an impact on the proper functioning of Wikimedia Belgium.

The Board would like to clarify the situation, and evaluate potential actions.

Venue: Saturday 13 July 2019 at 14:00 Troonstraat 51


  1. Prepare the Board meeting of 20 July
  2. Prepare a risk assessment

Meeting minutes[edit]

Present: Alberto, .Anja., Geert (no quorum)

Main subject: Review the communication abuse of Romaine, and the consequences/risks the Board sees.

We do not discuss here the specific T&S case as such, but we are required to give some context.

What has happened, why we are here for this special board meeting?

Review the possible actions[edit]

We build a decision matrix, based on our statutes on how Board members are admitted/dismissed.

See Board membership decision tree.

Review the risks[edit]

See Board membership decision tree.

Attention points[edit]

  • Review and decide upon the communications strategy for WMBE
  • Register for a “Bestuurdersverzekering”
  • Make a proposal for the Wikimania Chairs meeting

End of the meeting[edit]

Meeting finished shortly after 17:00


  • Please fill in the sheet with a risk factor or 0 (low) - 5 (high) – see orange columns
  • Return the sheet to the Chair
  • Confirm your presence to the special board meeting