2016-05-28 Board meeting

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Saturday 28 May 2016 14:00-17:00 WMBE - Troonstraat 51, Brussel (Train strike!)
Present: Romaine, Geertivp, Derek, Alberto, Loraine, Maarten, Dimi
Via Hangout: Robin

Approve previous Board meeting

See 2016-04-30 Board meeting


Derek starts with a statement. He steps down as board member. He wants step down on the 1st of June. The board takes note of his request and asks Derek to send a formal notice to the board. The board will accept his resignation as from 1 of June; this includes a three month period where Derek transfers his duties to a to be appointed temporary treasurer.

Geert points out the four issues (Derek's email to the Foundation, his way of communicating with volunteers, inappropriate behaviour against women, misuse of expenses). Maarten gives his vision about the problems that occurred in 2015. Derek clarifies his viewpoint. Alberto wants the President to be responsible for formal communications with the Foundation. This should avoid miscommunication.

Derek leaves the room and the rest of the Board discusses the issue. It is decided that:

  1. Derek is temporarily suspended as Board member (4 votes yes, 1 abstention)
  2. The Board decides to call for an Extraordinary general assembly (5 votes yes), with the following points on the agenda: resignation of Derek as board member, dismiss of Derek as member, financial audit by the rest of the board of the past financial statements.
  3. The Board will communicate with the WMF before and after the GA
  4. The Board decides to revoke the access rights of Derek to the Argenta bank accounts, and decides to select a new bank for the organization's bank account (4 votes yes, one abstains).

Derek left Brussels before the end of this discussion for private reasons. Geert will communicate the decisions with him by telephone and via e-mail. Alberto will take control of the Google Apps account.

Communication with the Foundation

Geert will send an e-mail to the Foundation to request them to communicate through the President.

Detailed financial status

An internal audit will be executed the coming weeks by Maarten, Romaine, Geert together with Derek.

Extraordinary General Assembly

An Extraordinary General Assembly will be organised on the 6th or 20th of July. Geert to contact Constant for the availability of the WTC Tower office.

Grant requests and followup

WMBE current status

Current Grant status

  • Grant extension 2016-S1 rejected.

New grant types

Path forward

It is proposed that we go for the Rapid Project grant, sure for 2016. Simple APG is not appropriate because we cannot include all budgets in one single request.

Accronym Grant Description
TPS Travel and Participation Support Can only be used by non-Board members

or by Board members for non-Wikimedia events

IEG Individual Engagement Grant Can still be used by individuals.
PEG Project and Event Grants Under certain conditions our current PEG might still be used for non project related, general administration cost (bank, legal)

Kacie will ask a question to the WMF/give us feedback on how to continue.

  • The Foundation will assist us in the process (Kacie)

We might prepare for 2017/2018, if possible:

  • Simplified Strategic plan
  • Simple APG - but then Rapid project grants are not possible any more...

FoP letter

Past week the committee in the federal parliament had a voting about Freedom of Panorama proposal and amendment. In this first reading the original proposal was accepted, and the amendment to restrict to non-commercial was rejected. (source) A second reading is requested. We need to act now! Dimi writes a letter, checked by Robin & Romaine, which needs to be submitted to politicians next week. (info)

Actions for Freedom of Panorama. Alberto will do the translation in FR. Romaine to print the letters. Geert to sign.


Wiki Loves Art

  • Collaboration of WLA with PACKED and FARO; see email from Alina.
  • Collaboration with Europeana; see email from Romaine
  • Execution efficiency/effectiveness of projects; see email from Romaine

Very few activity has happened in the last months, Derek did not communicate with the partners. PACKED asked us to know what’s the status. Loraine suggests another meeting on PACKED and FARO collaboration. Slow and non-transparent communication. We should have a strong(er) (project) management. Loraine proposes to call a specific workshop on project management and coordination on Saturday 2nd of July at 14:00 Loraine will send PACKED an email.

Feedback on activities

  • Training Online communication comeback session on 4 June 2016 in Utrecht



Now that we have big events (and regular ones) coming up, we could maybe be more active on our different communication channels:

  • social networks?
  • newsletter: strategy
  • press contacts?
  • relaying organisations

Facebook access rights were granted to Loraine. The Communication plan to be worked out in more detail the coming weeks/months.


Derek notifies Geert that there is still budget to buy a projector, and an amplifier/mike/loud speakers that can be used during presentations in rooms where there is no equipment available.