2015-03-15 Board Meeting

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Agenda for the Board Meeting
  1. Signature of the different agreements provided by the WMF (Chapter Agreement, agreement related to our yearly budget)
    • Discussion about the Chapter agreement's requests (subtitle, chapter definition, officials links between WMF and WMBE).
    • By board vote, The President is allowed to sign alone the chapter agreement after his update.
  2. Organisation of 2nd General Assembly in June/July with the main goal to get more "full members" in our organisation
    • Discussion to do the GA in June. The President and the Vice President are working on an invitation letter that will be sent using postal mail
  3. Discussion of the setup of the meta:Wikimedia Belgium/Micro-grant system.
    • Decision to establish board working group to propose concept for website. The group contains .., .., and ..
  4. Discussion of the Board#Responsibilities (new proposal based on the VSDC newsletter)
    • Approved the update.
  5. Onwiki discussion on if it is relevant to use the "Atomium" to tacke Freedom of Panorama (most articles on Wikipedia contain an extensive paragraph about this problem...) if it's relevant for the article, is it for our chapter? Is our focus ont the FOP too strong? What message do we want to share? Is it a really a very important point for us? In comparaison of the gender gap for exemple, is it a priority?
    • Point with a lot of discussion. Consensus that focus on the Atomium is incorrect.
  6. Presence of board members on Wikimedia Conference 2015
    • Maarten, Derek and Romaine are interested to attend. President will check allowed group size and will communicate with board members
  7. add discussion point here

The meeting is open for members.