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For judging the photos to determine the winners by the Belgian jury in the photo contest Wiki Loves Heritage 2019, we used the jury tool Montage.

Evaluation of photo contest Wiki Loves Heritage 2019[edit]

We would like to thank all participants, the meemoo organisation, and the KBR, for their close collaboration and for their effort to make this contest a success.

Why do we organise the contest?[edit]

Why is taking pictures of Heritage and archiving so important?

Heritage can disappear.

Recent fires in Notre-Dame in Paris and in the National Museum of Brazil, or the vandalism of the monuments in Palmyra (Syria), show that heritage, culture, and art is transient and at risk. In order to preserve this for posterity, photography (or video) is invaluable.

Belgian heritage can also disappear... (in August 2019) a Classified house from 1637 in Appelterre destroyed by heavy fire. A few weeks ago a remarkable tree was destroyed by the Ciara storm in Strijpen. Luckily Wikimedia still has intact pictures.

A few years ago an old farmhouse was demolished in my own neighbourhood to make room for a new home... I didn't realise that this was actually heritage.

We know that the government already does a lot, but thousands of volunteers can do a lot more, also for small objects and projects. Since 2016 we have Freedom of Panorama in Belgium. We can not possibly imagine that the Lam Grods would be destroyed by a fire, do we?

Another reason is that we want to make the national heritage, and our culture, known abroad. Through the Wikimedia platforms this is an "easy" job where thousands of volunteers, international and polyglot, help each other (without even knowing each other).


The winners of Wiki Loves Heritage 2019 in Belgium are:

Broeltorens in Kortrijk[edit]

1. Broeltorens in Kortrijk
Sally V

The Broeltorens in Kortrijk are an important historical heritage. They are part of the historic city wall. The photo is taken at night during a warm summer night, it shows nice blue and white colors, with dark green trees in the background and mirroring in the quiet water. People are happily sitting near the borders, as quiet as a summer night can be.

Nice symmetry, equilibrium and tranquillity. The towers are completely visible, even in the water.

Sally is a valued photographer of buildings and monuments. She takes photos in a neutral way, without artifacts. She has multiple winning photos this year. She has also won last year.

Since 2016 she uploaded more than 4000 images and edited more than 200 articles on the Dutch Wikipedia.

Frameries PASS tunnel[edit]

2. Frameries PASS tunnel
Anne Debaisieux

The feeling of being attracted by the center of the picture, also as a consequence of the light line and the rainbow colours.

Anne is photographing artisanal and technical heritage, churches and abbayes. She shows an old coal mine museum tunnel with bright rainbow colors. She loves warm colors. She has multiple winning photos this year.

Since 2015 she uploaded 41 images and edited 3 articles on the French Wikipedia.

Cimetière militaire du Rada[edit]

3. Cimetière militaire du Radan
Trougnouf (Benoit Brummer)

The snow and the fallen leaves of trees. The quietness after a battle and the sun light. The flags hanging still, and the remaining leaves on the trees promising a coming spring.

Benoit is a professional photographer. He loves to take wide objects, buildings or landscapes. He has multiple winning photos this year. He has also won last year. His photo of a wind mill was chosen as the logo for this year’s campaign.

Since 2015 he uploaded nearly 16000 images, and has written several 100s of pages on the English, French and Dutch Wikipedia. He is updating Wikidata as well.

Église Notre-Dame du Sablon de Bruxelles[edit]

4. Église Notre-Dame du Sablon de Bruxelles
Lëa-Kim Châteauneuf (Lea-Kim)

Nice symmetric picture of the Sablon church taken from the inside with a perfect view on the organ and the stained glass windows. Special perspective with perfect lighting.

Lëa-Kim is president of Wikimedia Canada, and participated beginning of September last year at the WikiConvention francophone conference in Brussels. She took the occasion to discover the beautiful city of Brussels and took some nice pictures. She loves books and works in a library.

Since 2012 she has been editing 850 pages on the French Wikipedia. She is also contributing to the Catalan and English Wikipedia. Since 2016 she uploaded almost 1400 images and is contributing to Wikidata as well.


5. Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ter-Duinenkerk
Paul Hermans

Photo of a modern chapel inside the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ter-Duinen kerk in Koksijde. Warm colors. Nice composition. Well aligned.

Paul is a valued photographer, and Wikipedian. We appreciate him very much for his photographic and encyclopedic work. He likes to photograph churches, museum collections, and art, and writes about history. He has multiple winning photos this year. He also won last year.

Paul is a real champion. Since 2014 he uploaded more than 10000 images, edited almost 29000 pages on the Dutch Wikipedia, and is contributing to the English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, and Russian Wikipedia, while updating Wikidata quite well.

Last year he participated with the Dutch Schrijfwedstrijd.

Kolenwasserij Steenkoolmijn van Beringen[edit]

6. Kolenwasserij Steenkoolmijn van Beringen

The photos of the coal mine of Beringen show us the greatness of the buildings and their infrastructure.

Although the photos are in color they show the greyness and the monotony of the lives and the environment of the forgotten coal mine workers that played a crucial role in the development of our post-war society; but are now passed glory and in final decay unless we can conserve them.

De Schepper has taken several photos of the coal mine of Beringen. De Schepper only started as a new Commons user in November 2019 and uploaded 343 images. Actually this winning photo is the first photo that s/he uploaded.

Besloten Hofje, museum Hof van Busleyden[edit]

7. Besloten Hofje, museum Hof van Busleyden
Rit Schelfhout

Although those objects and the museum were photographed multiple times, also by other persons, this photo was selected because it shows a detail in great precission.

Rita has taken several nice pictures of the museum Hof van Busleyden Besloten hofje. She only started as a new user in August 2019 and uploaded 5 images about the same subject; this image was the latest she uploaded.

Internationale Folklorestoet van Beveren[edit]

8. Internationale Folklorestoet van Beveren

People were the central subject of this series of photos. It shows a fine sphere. The subject is sharp as the bell and the spectators are blurry.

Bebrona has taken several nice pictures of the Puiteslagersfeesten, de Internationale Folklorestoet Sefken de Puitenslager en de Vos Reynaert in Beveren. Bebrona started in September 2018 and uploaded 39 images.


We do have fewer contributions, but the quality is higher than last year. In 2018 the European year of heritage attracted more participants.

Year Images Used Percent Participants
2018 4348 1163 27% 141
2019 1056 321 30% 19
Round Technique Images Participants
1st round yes/no 1056 19
2nd round score 1-5 311 15
3rd round sequencing 46 8
Winners best image 15 8


  • Antoine Motte dit Falisse, Professeur de théâtre
  • Adeline Rossion, Le Musée de la Photographie
  • Greet Vanderhaegen, fotograaf en archivaris
  • Geert Van Pamel, Wikimedia Belgium
  • Luc Viatour, Photographe
  • Rony Vissers, meemoo, Vlaams Instituut voor het Archief

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