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Geert Van Pamel

Who's who of Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

Name Function Contact Contact about Languages
Board of Directors1
Geert Chair geert@wikimedia.be Board, organization, public relations NL, FR, EN
Dominique Projects, budgets, grants, translation dominique@wikimedia.be Projecten FR, EN, NL
Mike Treasurer mike@wikimedia.org Finance NL, EN, DE
Sam GLAM and Public domain sam@wikimedia.be GLAM and Public domain
Project Managers2
Alberto Community Liaison alberto@wikimedia.be Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund FR, NL, EN
Antoine Advisor antoine@wikimedia.be Edit-a-thon FR, EN
Dimi International Institutions Liaison dimi@wikimedia.be EU Affairs, Public Policy BG, EN, DE, FR
Loraine Women and Gender loraine@wikimedia.be   FR, EN
Maarten Advisor maarten@wikimedia.be Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund NL, EN, FR
Robin Secretary robin@wikimedia.be   NL, FR, EN
Romaine Community initiatives romaine@wikimedia.org NL, EN, DE
Lionel Projects lionel@wikimedia.be Projecten FR, EN
.Anja. Gender gap and diversity annejea@wikimedia.be Gender gap and diversity FR, EN


  1. Are appointed by the General Assembly
  2. Project leaders assume responsibility to manage and/or organise projects. The report to the Board.
  3. Upon termination of their board membership, board members are appointed as Advisor to the Board unless there are reasons not to do it.

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