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Who's who of Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

Name Funtion Contact Contact about Languages
Board of Directors
Geert President geert@wikimedia.be   NL, FR, EN
Alberto Community Liaison alberto@wikimedia.be FR, NL, EN
Romaine Community initiatives romaine@wikimedia.org NL, EN, DE
Robin Secretary robin@wikimedia.be   NL, FR, EN
Loraine Woman and Gender loraine@wikimedia.be   FR, EN
Project Managers
Lionel Projecten lionel@wikimedia.be   FR, EN
Stefano Projecten stefano@wikimedia.be   IT, EN, FR
Maarten Advisur maarten@wikimedia.be   NL, EN, FR
Antoine Advisur antoine@wikimedia.be   FR, EN
Dimi International Institutions Liaison dimi@wikimedia.be EU Affairs, Public Policy BG, EN, DE, FR

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