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Towards the Wikimedia Belgium chapter creation is an idea born at mw:Berlin Hackathon 2012 to prepare a wiki brochure explaining why a chapter is, why we want to create a chapter in Belgium and the goals of this chapter.

Idea 1 - contributors stories collection


To have some user publishing their photo, with stories telling why us people do on Wikimedia and want we want to create a chapter.





Idea 2 - a small set of goals

  • Theme A: Wikimedia Loves Monument - Historical monuments - etc.
  • Theme B: Freedom of panorama and open content political lobbying at Belgian and European level

Idea 3 - concrete stuff


We then need to call for actions to allow people who want to join to do concrete stuff.

  • A planned meetup or event, like a 2013 New Year's Eve drink (nieuwsjaarsdrink)
  • What communities could help to constitute the Belgian Wikimedia community (work, funding, donations (images, books, databases, ...), tax relief, ...)
  • How to tap on resources of regional historic and folklore circles (heemkundige kringen ...), commune archives and history, ...
  • How to get the early retired people (55 to 90 year) re-educated and back to useful work: writing, scanning pictures and old books, pictures, ...)
  • Help for beginning would-be writers of history stories: a wikipedia might be a better beginner platform (History of xxx company, school, monastery, city, chapel, local saint or hero, industrial activity (boomse pannen, vlas, fraises, chicorei, ...)
  • Send a questionnaire to all universities, schools and municipalities (most have communication services nowadays) to ask if they use wikipedia, if they encourage it and what are their opinion and suggestions they have to improve the article(s) on their school/communes. Do they have material suitable for wiki integration ? This will trigger and measure a first level of involvement.

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