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Breakdown of Capacity building budget


Board training


Board training 2000 EUR - very important to acquire, educate, motivate, and keep young board members.

Being a board member can be sometimes very disappointing. Highly administrative. Less about organising actvities.

We do not have a very mature board; we have only 2 hardened board members with long-term business experience. The other 4 board members are junior with very few business and legal administration experience. Therefore we need to educate them to be capable to lead the organisation in a complex legal and organisational environment. Being a board member is way beyond organising an editathon or knowing how to edit Wikipedia.


  • 500 EUR to let one new Board member participate to the WMF Board member training in Berlin 1 and 2 april 2019.
  • 500 EUR Board Strategy meeting.
  • 1000 EUR other board training.

See also: How a chapter can grow and develop

Wikimedia training


Organise Wikimedia training 2000 EUR for end-users.


  • 1000 EUR Wikimania Stockholm: delegate one or two Wikipedians.
  • 1000 EUR for end-user training (editathons, How to write for Wikipedia, Wikidata, copyright, Wikimedia Commons).

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