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Wiki Loves Heritage 2020 and the Public Domain Day[edit]

The award ceremony of Wiki Loves Heritage 2020 will take place during the Public Domain Day on February 2, via video conferencing. You can register via a web form (you may mention "Wikimedia Belgium" as the organisation). You will then receive a link to the video conference.

A new year[edit]

We wish you a Happy New Year and good health in spite of corona. New Year has passed in silence. We are trying to have as normal a life as possible. But so far, all meetings and activities still have to take place via video conferencing. Homeworking is the standard. This of course makes it difficult to set up and supervise projects.

Wikipedia celebrates 20 years[edit]

On 15 January, Wikipedia celebrated its 20th anniversary. And this was celebrated. Wikipedia has been featured many times in newspapers, on the radio and on TV news. But the work is not over yet. We still have a lot of work to do to make our projects known to the general public and to specialised institutions and associations. But we are on the right track. The way of working through Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons appeals to different cultural organisations, universities and heritage associations.

On 15 January, 10 partners had the opportunity to introduce themselves via a video conference. You will find here 5 of the presentations plus a video recording of the full session.

Wiki Women Design[edit]

On 11 and 14 December, we welcomed 60 and 90 architecture and art history students to the Wiki Women Design project to teach them how to write a Wikipedia page successfully. About 50 pages were written in different working groups.

Another tens of edit-a-thons will be organised from March onwards.

Iedereen Leest[edit]

Iedereen Leest collaborates with Wikimedia Belgium, meemoo, Villa Verbeelding and Letterenhuis to increase the quality and number of articles about children's literature on Wikipedia. This project aims to enrich Wikipedia with content about relevant (Flemish) youth authors and illustrators so that it is representative of the current literary field.

During jeugdboekenmaand in March, 4 edit-a-thons are organized.

Annual programme[edit]

We need you to our annual programme. Culture, heritage, education, museums, volunteers, form the most special plans.

Fiscal gift through the King Baudouin Foundation[edit]

The Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund is recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation. Your donations will be used to finance Wikimedia Belgium's Fund-approved projects.

In principle, donations of 40 € per year to the King Baudouin Foundation give you a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid.

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