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This page documents the collaboration with Histories.


The purpose of the collaboration is to get more awareness of Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia platforms among the people in their network and to organise activities around it.

History and background[edit]

Familiekunde Vlaanderen, Heemkunde Vlaanderen and LECA join forces as a result of the Cultural Heritage Decree 2017: from 1 January 2019 on, Histories continues the activities of these three non-profit associations. Histories is the point of contact for volunteers active with genealogy (family studies), local heritage (local history) and everyday culture in Flanders.

  • Familiekunde Vlaanderen (Wikidata) - umbrella genealogical association in Flanders with the aim to promote genealogical research and to introduce as broad an audience as possible to family history.
  • Heemkunde Vlaanderen (Wikidata) - stimulates and promotes local history and research on local and regional history by supporting civil society organizations, local museums, archives and documentation centers, and individual local communities.
  • LECA (Wikidata) - Landelijk Expertisecentrum voor Cultuur van Alledag - national expertise center for everyday culture and heritage.




  • GLAM program


  • 1 March 2018 - Meeting with Heemkunde Vlaanderen in Mechelen   (Romaine)


The metrics and statistics of this project are:

  • Number of people present with an activity: ... (if multiple activities, please specify per activity)
  • Number of newly registered users: ...
  • Number of content pages created/improved: ... (preferable specify by wiki, content type and creation/improvement)
  • Number of edit-a-thons and workshops: ...
  • Number of other activities: ...

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