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Erfgoedinzicht (~English: Heritage in Sight) is a network of institutions with heritage collections (museums, archives, etc) in the provinces Oost-Vlaanderen and West-Vlaanderen. The network is facilitated and organised by the provincial governments of the two provinces. All collections are registered uniformly in one single database is available through the website.


The purpose of the collaboration between Erfgoedinzicht and Wikimedia Belgium is to support them in releasing images and data to Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata, to make their collections more visible online and that the materials can be used in Wikipedia articles, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

History and background[edit]

In 2015-2016 the project Flemish art collections, Wikidata and Linked Open Data took place in what MSK Gent participated, and in 2016 WMBE reached out to various museums and heritage libraries in Belgium as part of the project Wiki Loves Art, a photo contest but also an introduction about the possibilities of collaborating together with Wikipedia and Wikimedia. After the photo contest Wiki Loves Art had finished, Erfgoedinzicht came in sight as collaboration partner.



List of institutions[edit]


  • Generic budget WMBE


  • July-August 2017 - Some of the organisations of Erfgoedinzicht participated/were interested in the Wiki Loves Art photo contest   (project page)
  • 6 February 2017 - Meeting with Erfgoedinzicht in Brugge about collaboration   (Geertivp & Romaine)
  • 29 May 2017 - Wikipedia/Wikimedia session (workshop) for Erfgoedinzicht in Brugge   (Romaine & Sam.Donvil)
  • 21 June 2017 - Wikipedia/Wikimedia session (workshop) for Erfgoedinzicht institutions in Museum Dr. Guislain in Gent   (Romaine & Sam.Donvil)

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  • 12 June 2017 - Report published in the Wikimedia GLAM newsletter This Month in GLAM about Erfgoedinzicht   (info | report)