2019-10-23 Board Meeting

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Board meeting via conference call:

Agenda: (see table of contents)
Date: 23 October 2019
Present: .Anja., Geert, Mike
Excused: Lionel

Results Chair meeting Wikimania[edit]

The internal audit and appeal request was not accepted in this form by the Chair meeting. It was proposed to:

  • Monitor the current review of the procedures of the temporary and partial bans
  • Try to solve and prevent current and future problems
  • Contact individual members of BoT to suggest a neutral investigations committee, and a generic appeal procedure

Multiple chairpersons felt that it was too specifically written to the Belgium viewpoint and experience. They thought that the topics of this proposition should be better separated. Geert will talk with individual chairpersons in Paris to ask if they would see other future actions?

Problem is that Valerie D’Costa (Community Engagement manager) is new in the job and seems to be taken not enough attention to the topic? Katherine Maher referred us initially to a meeting with Kalliope Tsouroupidou and Jan Eissfeldt at the Wikimedia Summit in Berlin. Mike will propose to Romaine to contribute to online writing sessions. The Wiki Uil award session will be organised without Romaine this year.

Koning Boudewijnstichting[edit]

The request for Fonds Vrienden van Wikimedia België was registered. We have found 5 candidate founders. Together they will donate once 1000 EUR as initial donation (with personal tax reduction). The KBS decision should be known beginning of November.

Until October this year we have got 1000 EUR of gifts from people via bank transfer without fiscal exemption. By the end of the year this might possibly grow to 1250.

We believe when people will receive a fiscal exempt, the amount per gift could double, and maybe twice as much people will contribute. So we might arrive at 5000 EUR per year. The target is 10000 EUR within 3 years. So this seems to be realistic once people could have a tax refund of 45% of their gift. The minimum amount for donation is 40 EUR per year.

Past activities 2019[edit]

Wikiconvention francophone 2019[edit]

The pre-conference was well-organised and interesting. A successful conference: 250 people present; 70 from Belgium. Some 40 presentations and workshops.

The best Wikiconvention ever for many attendees. The first outside of France. They liked the environment and the auditoria at the university. The quiet room was well perceived.

We thank .Anja. for her efforts.

ULB presentation[edit]

Geert gave a presentation 7 October@ULB about Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. The students asked if thet could have more detailed workshops in 2020.

Ongoing activities 2019[edit]

Wiki Club Brussels[edit]

Poor presence at the latest sessions. Geert sent an mass mailing, wrote Web sites announcements, and Facebook event announcements. Maybe contact with "digital associations" could help?

Losseau Mons[edit]

Few participants but regular ones. Help from M0tty, Kvardek du and Esprit Fugace. Some participants would become real and regular Wikimedians. New brochure about uploading on Commons. Disappointed about the participation ; we think that the topic was too restrictive (“taking pictures of medals”) and we are already thinking about the 2020 edition by doing more varied pictures (objects, pictures of pictures by Leon Losseau who died in 1949).

Wiki Loves Heritage[edit]

There are fewer photos than in 2018. 571 currently; 4362 last year. We are searching Flemish jury members. Mike is volunteer as jury member. Also Veertje?

Wiki Loves Science Every 2 years ; photo competition in science ; .Anja. can not be involved this year but we could be involved in 2021?

Coming activities 2019[edit]

  • Wikithon dans la Maison de la culture de la Province de Namur, Le Delta, 28 November
  • Provinciaal volwassenenonderwijs VSPW Gent

Activities 2020[edit]

  • Public domain day 2020 together with PACKED and KBR
Public domain day would be organized 21 February 2020.
Possible subjects: James Ensor, Maurice Maeterlinck.
  • February: Wiki Loves Heritage prize session. National Library.
  • Industrie-museum Gent Wiki Café
  • ULB presentations/workshops about Wikidata and other tools for Computer Science students.
  • Project Philippe Roberts-Jones
See wikisource:fr:Auteur:Philippe_Roberts-Jones
M0tty could advise us.
  • Edit-a-thon / Hackathon Brussels Culture and Education?
Project with the city of Brussels; but we have to find the volunteers to run this project. Contacts: échevines à la culture et à l’éducation + Mme Sunneart et Fabian Maingain.
  • Again a Wikidata 2020 Event with the Gent University, possibly in July
  • Wikimeet in Brussels.
Suggested during the Wikiconvention by contributors.
Not contributive aim; the main goal is meeting each other and sharing about our experiences and projects. Contact with Jacques Ballieu. Maybe the first one mid November or early December.
  • Mois de la contribution Francophone in March
Contact with the Maison Losseau and the Chiroux Library to organize one editathon for each.
One contributor from Brussels wants to organize a wikithon.
Project with Alberto and Antoine to organize another one on Brussels.
Lionel has a workshop in project in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Possible Activities 2021[edit]

Large Belgium GLAM Hackathon 2021 together with PACKED, WMNL and WMF (Sandra Fauconnier)?

Board and Chapter organisation[edit]

Communications plan[edit]

See Communications plan. Our websites are better maintained now. See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CBYu3sXqFbZIgjXa4DipfRJGPDAgfNOOdBvLyN0IqZg Mike has still problems with calendar -> fixed now via iCal URL. Geert to ask Robin to make .Anja. and Mike burocrats.

New Board members[edit]

See Introduction for new Board members. Maybe we could talk about this in the talk page? (.Anja.: I will have some modifications to talk about).


See Insurance for Wikimedia_Belgium. We need as a Board an insurance. 6 quotes have been requested. 1 has been refused because we receive a grant from the US and they do not accept the risk for legal cases. 4 incomplete quotes have been received. The yearly premium could easily be 500 EUR.

Changes of the statutes[edit]

.Anja. proposed a translation by a professional translator of the statutes into French (and German?) for the people who do not speak/read Dutch. (re)Translation of the Statutes in French Geert to review the current translations for completeness and correctness. We could ask Dominique Labar to correct the FR version?

We also need to focus on the translations both into French and English (for accuracy) We could do a (multilingual?) working group about the changes of the statutes

Foundation topics[edit]

Midpoint report 2019[edit]

Midpoint report 2019

Midpoint budget review 2019

Financial status of Q3 + YTD[edit]

Finances and budget review: we are on target: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/11Fwq95ulMHh8UXGlVg_FGhctm7OGtV1I (Excel sheet). We have 2000 EUR available for additional projects till the end of the year. Ideas:

  • organising Workshops
  • Printing FR documentation about how to work with Wikimedia Commons

Budget 2020 preparation[edit]


We have a public mobile number Tel: +32 471 82 20 26 (mobile datacard that is used for 4G mobile hotspot allows for incoming voice calls and sending SMS messages).

When needed we could have outgoing voice calls as well, but we could better have a VoIP service (FreeCall). Less than 5 euro per month including fixed international bundle calls.

Other topics[edit]

LGBT conference[edit]

Proposed: 21-24 May 2020. Still “proposed” status (grant).

Strategy 2030[edit]

Final strategy document is delayed to March 2020