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In the past years, as an association, we do not have a proper insurance. This means that each individual board member is personal responsible, which is not at all acceptable.

Time to rectify this.

We have requested an offer for an Insurance for Wikimedia Belgium:[1]

We have already received 2 offers and are waiting for 2 others.

Next steps:

  • Then we will compare the contracts and propose the best offer, for our small non-profit organisation
  • Then we will agree and sign a contract
  • We need to add a budget item for this expense


  1. VSDC VZW review, januari-februari 2021, nr. 194, p 6
  2. VSDC Review 189, Jan-Feb 2020, p. 12-16 - Bestuurderaansprakelijkheid: de 'nieuwe' regels toegelicht