2018-04-25 Board meeting

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Board meeting April 2018 (via Hangout).

  • Present: Romaine, Geert

Report about 2018 budget review meeting with WMF

Romaine spoke with: Winifred, Delfine, James Alexander, Morgan, and Maggy Dennis (Community resources). sAPG Process. The WMF seems not to understand the typical Belgian situation related to transport and languages.

In the 2nd or 3rd week of May the pending problems would be resolved by the committee.

Evaluation of WMCON 2018 Conference in Berlin

Budget for personal projects and car allowance per year/per person

Geert proposed that an individual (maximum yearly) limit would be imposed to avoid that one single person would consume the (larger part of the) total yearly grant amount. Romaine replied that this would not be a problem since all activity expenses need to be pre-approved by the Treasurer.

Proposal to split email distributionlist board/advisors/projects

Short review of Chapter meeting Berlin


WCA = Wikimedia Chapters Association

Mailing list

Suggested by Romaine to maintain a list of:

  • Name, pseudonym (WM username), email address, organisation, language, and where-contacted

(GDPR impact).