2016-07-02 Project management meeting

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Saturday 02 July 2016 13:00-17:00 WMBE - Troonstraat 51, Brussel
Present: Loraine, Antoine, Maarten, Romaine, Geert, SPQRobin
Excused: Stefano, Alberto

Past experiences[edit]

  • What were our experiences in the last years?
  • What went wrong, what can we improve?
  • What are our strengths?

Future projects & goals[edit]

  • What do we want to do until the end of 2016, in 2017, and after? → simple but realistic aims
  • How do we want to engage with the public: only through edit-a-thons? (identify different possible models, see examples in NL and CH)
  • How do we want to engage with potential volunteers: what if tomorrow a volunteer says “I want to help, what can I do for you?”
  • How do we want to position ourselves in the cultural Belgian scene? In which debates (digitization, open knowledge…), how actively (participating to conferences or organizing ones?)

Present: outline a strategy for projects[edit]

→ can we try to outline a simple but realistic strategy?

Ideas of projects or actions[edit]

  • Free the public domain works: how to act on the fact that some museums are restricting the access to their public domain artworks?

Ex: the Museum Middelheim’s case: Public space with statues in the public domain. Etc.

  • Easy licenses right clearance forms: translate, write down arguments, campaign, etc!

(both needed for WLA, and beyond, and we could have partners like Packed, Museomix, and individuals working on the topics)

Issues in the projects management[edit]

  • Set rules, guidelines and advice to start a project: for example start small, start early, be at least xxx members, define roles, define calendar…
  • We will need to write down the big steps of a project + the main roles to be attributed (project administration, general coordination, communication, translations, design…) and from this list, identify how many people + how much time we need.
  • Identify tools we will work with (shared documents, shared calendar, etc) to share information.

Community building and network[edit]

Mapping of partners and potential partners[edit]

Partners (open knowledge)
  • Open Knowledge Foundation BE
  • Creative Commons BE
  • … ?
Partners (cultural heritage, art & digitization)
  • Packed (WLA)
  • Faro (WLA)
  • all the museums we are in contact with: how do we keep these relations alive?
Partners (other fields?)
Partners we don’t have yet
  • press (FR + NL)
  • education (universities, schools) (FR + NL)
  • culture (FR + NL)
    • find an equivalent to Packed in Wallonia
  • politics (FR + NL)
  • … ?


We need to show our community that we are alive (and attract more people with a lively communication):

Things we can communicate in our newsletter
WMBE news (projects, edit-a-thons, etc)
… ?
Things we can communicate on social networks
  • WMBE news (projects, edit-a-thons, etc)
  • weekly selection of articles about Belgium
  • interesting facts, numbers, etc on Wikipedia regarding Belgium (for instance: https://be.wikimedia.org/wiki/Key_information)
  • share news from our partners
  • other … ?

Who receives the email sent on info at wikimedia.be ??? We should fix the issues with this address, some emails were never received/answered…

Currently there is nobody who knows the password to access the facebook page for WLM BE-LUX. We should find a way to unblock the page.

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