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On Wikimedia projects, the noun Babel (an allusion to the Tower of Babel) refers to the user language templates aiding multilingual communication by making it easier to contact someone who speaks a certain language. To participate, you can add Babel to your user page by following the instructions below.


  • Start off with {{#Babel:
  • Next add one of the following codes for each language you speak or understand, separated by |, where xx should be replaced by the Wikipedia code for that language. The general usage of each code level is as follows:
    • xx-0 if you cannot understand the language at all. Do not use it for every language that you don't know, but only when there is some reason why you might be expected to know it, especially With Dutch, French and German. For example, one may be of Belgian descent, but does not speak the Dutch or French language, them you can use: nl-0 or fr-0.
    • xx-1 for basic ability - enough to understand written material or simple questions in this language.
    • xx-2 for intermediate ability - enough for editing or discussions.
    • xx-3 for advanced level - though you can write in this language with no problem, some small errors might occur.
    • xx-4 for 'near-native' level - although it's not your first language from birth, your ability is something like that of a native speaker.
    • xx (no hyphen or number) for native-born speakers who use a language every day and have a thorough grasp of it, including colloquialisms and idioms.
  • Then finish by adding closing braces: }}



So, for example, {{#Babel:en|fr-3|de-1}} would indicate a native speaker of English with advanced knowledge of French and basic knowledge of German.