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This page describes how users can request rights and what the procedure will be when a request is handled.

Technical roles[edit]

The Wikimedia Belgium wiki uses some technical roles:

  • bureaucrat (bureaucraat or bureaucrate), a role users can assign bot, sysop and translation manager rights (and revoke bot if needed) ;
  • sysop, a role users can delete pages, block vandalism users and do other upkeep and maintenance tasks on the wiki ;
  • bot, a role for softwares doing automated operations on the wiki ;
  • translation manager ("vertalingenbeheerder"), a role users can maintain the translation system.

The Special:ListGroupRights will give you a comprehensive list of the rights associated to all those technical roles.

Procedure to request right[edit]

  1. Ask on the Community Forum.
  2. Each user would have an opportunity to give feedback during 3 days (extended to 7 on less active periods).
  3. A bureaucrat will process the request as soon a consensus is reached.

Procedure to assign right[edit]

  • Ensure there are at least 3 users who commented the right request.
  • Ask on the IRC channel or on Community Forum for extra advices if there is less than 3 feedback.
  • Ensure there is a consensus.
  • Note your feelings if you don't think there is a consensus, so the discussion could go on.
  • If there is a consensus, 3 users, 3 days, assign the right via Special:UserRights.