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This page is a detailed project plan for Wiki Loves Art 2016 , please edit only if you are a project volunteer , thank you

Project volunteers Project team Review team
Lead Romaine MADe & DerekvG
Team Side projects : DerekvG Afernand74

If you are not a WM BE member ( or new) please add a small intro about yourself to the teammember section


  • December 2014 - Start project preparations
  • 14 January 2015 - First meeting of start-up team

January-February 2015: preparations project: team, budget, grant proposal[edit]

    • 15/03 board meeting
    • 17/03 meeting Romaine DerekvG

preparations project: website, flyers,[edit]

selection procedure for a temporary employee [edit]

February 2016-June 2016: contacts with cultural organisations[edit]

    • regional meetings with organisations
      • to inform them about the project,
      • visits to organisations to explain what the project
      • discuss/organise their participation.

July-August 2016: photo contest[edit]

    • participants visit museums and other organisations to take photos
    • upload these under a free license
    • article writing events

September-November 2016: judging and prize ceremony[edit]

    • A jury will choose the best photos
    • prize giving cermony

Side Activities[edit]

Team members : Non WM BE Members[edit]