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Wikimedia Nederland organises every 2-3 years a user survey to sense the feelings of Wikipedians.

As a general conclusion over all the years there is a feeling of uncertainty and conflict amonst the volunteers. Newcomers are insufficient aware about the agreed conventions, and moderators give the impresssion to be too rude.

Frequently the following opponents come into vision: Vlaanderen versus Nederland (culture, behaviour, wording, naming, notability), and Men versus Women (subjects).

General conclusions[edit]

  • Coaching and training is strongly required
  • General public is unaware how Wikipedia is created
  • Diversity in all of its aspects requires close attention

Wikimedia Nederland 2013[edit]

In 2013 Wikimedia Nederland hold a survey among editors of Wikipedia.

Interesting slides: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 40, 44, 45

  • There are a lot of highly skilled married (male) users working for an employer
  • Consequence: … we need more women
  • We should provide more (technical) coaching to newcomers
  • Clear rules should be available (about article structure, how to, formats, etc.)
  • Moderators are frequently unfriendly, and take unreasonable decisions, not knowing the subject themselves (E/NE, etc)
  • Some conflicts arise between NL-NL and NL-BE (naming, content, references)
  • New articles are too easily and too quickly deleted/marked for deletion (without a good reason; thus frustrating beginning users)
  • Students and 55+ are very important (those people have more time to contribute…)
  • We might give more attention to Wiki Commons and other Wikimedia projects than Wikipedia (being well known already)
  • Wiki Loves Monuments is only known by a few % of our users… so there is room for PR

Actions taken[edit]

  • Women Saturday sessions
  • Organizing of the 2018 Women Tech conference
  • Book published Schrijven voor Wikipedia
  • Communication training for moderators
  • The theme for the WCN 2019 conference is "Wikipedia is meer!"

Still work to do[edit]

  • Dutch moderators should be more welcoming Flemish subjects and Wikipedians (less agressive deleting of Flemisch contributions)

Wikimedia Nederland 2015[edit]

Wikimedia Nederland 2018[edit]