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This page is a report following my participation to the Board member training report 2019. Lionel Scheepmans Contact French native speaker, désolé pour ma dysorthographie 14:30, 25 June 2019 (UTC)

General feeling[edit]

  • The bigger the chapter is, the bigger is the influence of employees/salaries on volunteers and board members.
  • The change starts as with the first employee, and incurs a change of dynamic.
  • Managing employees is not easy. + law, health an safety, taxes …
  • The chapters are very different from each other in terms of progress, funding and dynamics.
  • A lot of time was spent talking about the management of associations and conflicts but little about the objective of the movement.
  • Leadership skills in a very complicated way that aims to simplify things by modeling everything and discussing concepts that are sometimes very far from the reality on the ground.
  • People can't follow if don't have a good level of English.

Present chapters informations[edit]


7 board members (legal responsability , Compliance with WMF), 5 employee (outreach , partnerschips) One meeting per week on IRCTAX, donation with tax exemption 120 000 € individual 1% tax discounts. Give the 1% to « develop Polish Wikipedia ». Financially independent from the foundation as Italy.


7 board, 3 employee. The strategy is limited to projects and activities of support and outreach


8 Employees, 6 board members. Everything is done online, sometimes with meetings in rented places.


0 Employee, the chapter starts again with a new approval from the foundation following a stoppage caused by internal tensions.


2 Employees (no director), 60 members Meeting weekly and the president weekly with the employee.


Employees, 6-7 Board ?, 600 members with a nomination comity. Professionalization and introduction of people who are not editors at all.

Afrique du sud[edit]

0 employees since January 2019 but occasional subcontracting contracts for certain tasks. The only employee was fired following a breach of trust that resulted in a loss of money. She had little Wikipedia experience and continues to edit today because she no longer has a job. African descendants are still very few in the country's decision-making assemblies and do not see the value of volunteering, which remains a rich activity that can use their time for something other than finding money to live on.


5 Employees, The Executive Director (ED) of WMNL was confused when an employee is a major contributor and started editing projects after his commitment. Editing the encyclopedia does not seem to be an advantage when hiring.

Angleterre UK[edit]

Is not enthusiastic about the fact that the Executive Director must be a Wikipedian.


More than 125 employees, 6-7 board members. Exists for 14 years and redefines the role of the board regularly


Has integrated an Arab member into the board.