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A Wikimedia Commons Campaign can be setup to let users upload media files to a specific campaign.

All images belonging to that campaign are automatically identified via the campaign, a specific Wikimedia Commons category, and and an informative text label.

For the user there is no specific knowledge required, except to click on the special campaign upload button. In the background the standard upload script is used.

Standard functionality can be overruled, or kept:

A campaign manager decides on the configuration of the campaign.


  • Setup a project-specific {{Information}} template, based on pre-configured pull-down lists
  • Include a special footer infobox (wikitext template)
  • Add one or more categories
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Interlinking a project page, a category page, the ISA Tool

Known problems[edit]

When modifying the upload header and/or footer template, you need to perform a nul-edit of the campaign (edit + immediate "as is" save -- which is not registered in the history -- to force a server cache refresh. Otherwise the changes in the templates are ignored/not visible.

User rights[edit]

Users need to be member of the group Commons:Upload Wizard campaign editors to be able to create or update a campaign.


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