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Summary: Maarten Dimi and Derek attended the 3 day conference, Derek attended the pre-conference.

lessons learned

- a list of potential pitfalls for organisations. Take these into account when we grow our organisation. My own list of goals after this conference:

    • Set up a montly "Saturday meeting"
    • Work harder on membership, membership, membership and off-wiki volunteers
    • More intense communications with our members (eg. board meeting results). Use special software for this (eg. Mailchimp)
    • Work on our board: better prepared and organised , with a more diverse board
    • Do not focus just on our members, work on all possibly interested stakeholders, including people not active on Wikimedia projects
  • the WLA sideproject known as the "Educational road show" will be renamed to Wikimedia Belgium Education Initiative, and it wil start with a 1st pilot phase , a 2nd pilot phase and then some repeats of the roll-out phase, not only will this be supported by WMF but also it entails a deeper collaboration wih WMNL.
  • develop the Volunteer Personal Development Initiative(VPDI) for our future "off-wiki volunteers"
  • I do support Maartenś conclusion about membership and volunteer recruitment