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The Volunteer Personal Development Initiative(VPDI) is a sideproject of Wikiducation project, about training for off-wiki volunteers.

Target audience[edit]

  • off-wiki volunteers are the volunteers that organise events, activities, with the WMBE chapter
  • give presentations about wiki, mentor newbees
  • run GLAM projects
  • organise edit-a-thons and wik-nics
  • organise lectures, conferences, seminars
  • help run the chapter
  • organise wikiparties and other occasion involving beer food


Wikiducation objectives are :

  • recruit new off-wiki volunteers
  • train/educate off-wiki volunteers to organisationall skills, planning & program management, financial management, evaluation and reporting, press and communications
  • teaching and presentation skils
  • mentorship for the newbees
  • skills and comptences for GLAM-projects, Wikimedian in residence projects, content donations , metrics, advocacy and lobbying
  • in general acquire and train skills and competences for volunteering in the Wikimedia- environement
  • attend as skilled participants in events like Wiki-education Collaboratie, Wikimania or Wiki Affiliate conferences


  • identify recuitment needs
  • make recruitment materials