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This page documents the steps to be taken for sending out an announcement or invitation.


The announcement will be send out by e-mail, but for transparency purposes and being able to link to an online page (like on Wikipedia, Twitter, etc), each announcement or invitation should be published on this wiki too. (example)

An announcement/invitation page consists in general out of four parts:

  • Introduction -> why is this organised, with whom, background information, what to expect from participants, etc.
  • Programme -> ...
  • Details -> add here the details of the location (where possible link to Wikipedia article), how to get there, date, time, how to subscribe (can be separate section), and (where possible) a link to the announcement elsewhere with more details.
  • Photo(s) of location (on the right side) -> Readers want something visual, so make sure you have a good photo of the outside of the venue. If there is no good photo yet, go to the location and photograph it.

Preferable an invitation is sent out in Dutch, French and English, so people can read about it in their own language. If an activity is only organised in French or Dutch, publication in just that language is fine too, but preferable also in English for transparency purposes.


Add/send the announcement/invitation to:

  • Press releases
  • Press room
  • News (for main page)
  • Activities (as sending out, example)
  • Project page of activity
  • Receivers of WMBE newsletter (ask Romaine)
  • Mailing list Wikimediabe-l
  • Twitter (ask Romaine)
  • Facebook (ask Sam)
  • Instagram (ask Sam)
  • Telegram: Wikimedia Belgium group (if needed ask Romaine)

Consider also to publish it on Wikipedia (of relevant for that language) in: