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Privacy is very important to us at Wikimedia. Therefore, it is sometimes a bit difficult to contact each other because most users use pseudonyms. Discussion pages also exist but here all communication occurs in the clear.



MediaWiki has a built-in e-mail module to be able to communicate privately with each other in complete safety. Users cannot know each other's e-mail address, except when replying to internal e-mails. This is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

E-mail is a private, one to many, communication channel.

  • Messages must not be published on websites: extreme care has to be taken with list server distribution lists. It happens frequently that mail on list servers is archived via one or more web sites. Therefore it is possible to search for e-mail via Google Search. Only the sender can decide to publish (parts of) a message to a web site.
  • Messages must not be forwarded without (implicit/explicit) approval of the sender

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