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This page lists Wikimedia Belgium's potential partners.

We share some values[edit]

OKFN Belgium[edit]

Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium vzw (OKFN Belgium) is the Belgian local chapter from the Open Knowledge Foundation.

They promote “open knowledge”, ie “content that people are free to use, re-use and distribute without legal, technological or social restrictions”. To achieve this goal, they “build tools and communities to promote open knowledge around the world”[1].

Romaine for Wikimedia Belgium and Wouter Vanden Hove for OKFN Belgium offer a collaborative partnership.



0x20 hosted Wikipedia the 10 Years Wikipedia event[2].

They are willing to host any Wikimedia Belgium meeting we would like to have in Ghent, providing one of their member accept to be there this day.

Wolfplex Hackerspace[edit]

Wolfplex hosted Marci c'est Wiki event, a weekly meeting for French Wikipedia contributors[3].

Other hackerspaces[edit]

Those two hackerspaces are likely to accept collaboration:

We haven't had contact with the ULB hackerspace project yet.


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