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General Assembly and Board Elections[edit]

Wikimedia Belgium has a new board. Lionel has not renewed his board position after 2 years. We thank Lionel for his contributions. Geert remains chairman, .Anja. and Mike continue their function. The annual accounts 2019 were also approved on the general meeting of 29 august 2020.

Wikimedia Belgium has moved[edit]

We have a new address: Antwerpselaan 40 Boulevard d’Anvers 1000 Brussel/Bruxelles.

New statutes for Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

The npo legislation changed in 2019 and we have a new address, so we were obliged to draw up new statutes. We adapted the statutes to the new legislation; we also took the opportunity to simplify the statutes and make 13 improvements. The new statutes were adopted on the extraordinary general meeting of 19 september 2020.

Photo contest Wiki Loves Heritage until 31 October[edit]

Until the end of October you can upload photos for Wiki Loves Heritage 2020.

Hageland - Automatic list creation on Wikipedia with Lysteriabot[edit]

Lysteriabot can be used in conjunction with Wikidata and Wikidata Query to automatically create project lists on Wikipedia. These lists can be used to check their completeness and correctness, to upload or link missing pictures, to write missing articles (red links), or to improve existing articles or translate them to other languages. As an example here the Hageland; Other lists are also already available for the Pajottenland-Zennevallei, the Denderstreek and the Brabantse Kouters.

Heritage cell Pajottenland Zenne Valley and free licenses with OTRS[edit]

The Heritage Cell Pajottenland Zenne Valley has decided to launch the website Ontdek Pajot Zenne can no longer be retained. That is why they have also decided to release the texts under a free licence so that they can be used on Wikipedia. The photos were released under a share-alike license to upload to Wikimedia Commons. An example of an article that was copied: nl:Sint-Remigiuskerk with explicit mention of the release of the copyrights on the consultation page: nl:Overleg:Sint-Remigiuskerk.

Hopefully this way of working will be adopted by other institutions and associations. It gives an extra incentive to volunteers to write articles and makes our heritage known internationally.

WikiMatrimoine 25 September 2020 (Flagey)[edit]

On 25 September, in collaboration with Wikimedia Belgium, Open Knowledge Belgium held a writing session about architects and designers for 13 participants. Wikimedia Belgium provided technical support. 17 new articles were created, 3 articles were completed; 2 articles were removed by the moderators. See the project page and the list of articles.

The Flemish Architecture Institute writes on 11 December 2020[edit]

Many female designers remained under the radar of researchers and heritage institutions. The project Wiki Women Design, initiated by the Flemish Architecture Institute, aims to make up for this backlog by registering and making available on Wikipedia the data and knowledge about women who have left their mark on our designed environment: from graphic design and interior architecture to fashion and product design. In collaboration with heritage institutions, designers, academia and the Wikipedia community, the VAi aims to make this knowledge visible and accessible and to contribute to a more inclusive registration of design heritage in a participatory manner.

Are you interested in this project or would you like to contribute as an organisation, researcher or volunteer? Are you in possession of archival material about women who had an impact on the designed environment in Belgium, or do you know of archival material or collections that are held by other organisations or private individuals? Let us know! An initiative of the Flemish Architecture Institute. With the support of the Flemish Government.

In collaboration with AVG-Carhif, Design Museum Ghent, Docomomo, Flanders DC, KASK, Royal Museum of Art and History, KU Leuven, Matrimony Days, Meemoo, Fashion Museum Hasselt, Open Knowledge Belgium, Rosa vzw, University of Antwerp, University of Ghent, Hasselt University, Wikimedia Belgium.

Contact:, see Vlaams Architectuurinstituut.

Middle Dutch manuscripts[edit]

At the University of Ghent, faculty of Arts and Philosophy, there is an internship on writing and completing articles on Middle Dutch manuscripts. Students can make use of the extensive archive of scanned manuscripts that Ghent University has released under a Creative share-alike licence. See the list of articles, and an sample article.

Inventory of bunker lines from the Second World War[edit]

The full list of 485 bunkers was uploaded via Wikidata and Wikidata Query.:

Inventory of Seismometers in Belgium and the Netherlands[edit]

Did you know that seismograph is an anachronism... nowadays the device only has the function of measuring; the analysis and plotting of the measurement results is done afterwards by computer... The list of seismometers in Belgium and the Netherlands was uploaded via Wikidata and Wikidata Query: (Netherlands, with coordinates) and (Belgium, without coordinates). Who adds the coordinates to Wikidata?

Fiscal gift through the King Baudouin Foundation[edit]

The Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund is recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation. Your donations will be used to finance Wikimedia Belgium's Fund-approved projects.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the federal government announced on 12 June 2020 that the tax deduction for donations will be increased from 45% to 60% of the amount donated, for donations of minimum 40 € made in the year 2020.

Wiki Club Brussels[edit]

Together with Open Knowledge Belgium, Wikimedia Belgium is organizing an fortnightly meeting to write for Wikipedia.

Volunteer Support[edit]

Wikimedia Belgium has a limited budget to support volunteers: e.g. entrance tickets for exhibitions, travel expenses to take pictures, the book "Schrijven voor Wikipedia". However, there is one condition: the applicant must be able to demonstrate that contributions have actually been made to Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects.

International Wikimedia news[edit]

Norwegian is not Norwegian?[edit]

Did you know that Norwegian has 3 language codes? Note that the code "no" is not used on Wikidata (except for the Wikipedia sitelink).

  • nb (Bokmål) and nn (Nynorsk) for Wikidata.
  • no and nn: Norwegian , in 2 variants, for Wikipedia.

Wikidata labels in other languages[edit]

GeertivpBot has carried out more than 2 million transactions on Wikidata in 3 months...

Volunteer vacancies at the association WMBE[edit]

Wikimedia Belgium is looking for project supervisors and board members. We want to be able to start more projects next year. We want to call for new candidate board members for the next working year. Both positions are unremunerated.

Contact us[edit]

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