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This pages documents the Europeana Vlaanderen Overlegplatform (Europeana Flanders Consultation Platform) meetings and activities in what Wikimedia Belgium was involved.


Europeana is an institution co-funded by the European Union that supports cultural institutions (GLAM).

The Europeana Vlaanderen Overlegplatform is a network of Flemish partners to disseminate information about Europeana to potential stakeholders, to communicate information and advice back to Europeana and to coordinate the relevant projects in which Flemish partners are involved.

History and background[edit]




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Coordinator: Agentschap Kunsten en Erfgoed, Flemish Government (department for Culture, Youth and Media)



  • 23 May 2016 - Meeting with the Europeana Vlaanderen Overlegplatform   (Romaine)
  • 9 June 2016 - Presentation for Europeana Vlaanderen Overlegplatform   (Romaine)
  • 21 November 2018 - Meeting of Europeana Vlaanderen Overlegplatform, main topic: changes in Europeana   (Romaine)

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