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The Article 60/61 allows the CPAS /OCMW to organise a special kind of social aid to unemployed people (leefloners), in order to allow them to:

  • find adapted work, related to their accomplished education
  • prepare for future employment
  • give additional training
  • apply for future unemployment benefits

One possibility is a special temporary work contract as per articles 60 /61. Article 60 is CPAS internal employment; article 61 is a special contract between CPAS and an enterprise, an organisation, or a non-profit organisation.

The federal government contributes to the budget. No social contributions are required.


It appears that the social administration for the work contract is done by the CPAS.

The first step for receiving an art.60 without finacial invest for WMB is to obtain a Attestation économie sociale employeur by sending an email to economie.sociale(arobase) with as subjet « nom du demandeur précédé par "Attestation économie sociale" ».


  • Since the governmental reorganization of 2014 temporary employment has become a regional matter.
    • Vlaanderen: Tijdelijke Werkervaring (Tendering, sociale economie)
    • Brussel:
    • Wallonia:


  • What are the conditions /responsabilities "Non-profit Convention" for the non-profit organisation?
  • This possibility is available for all regions in Belgium; does the region apply to the office of the VZW, or the address of the employee?
  • There exist cross-regional conditions

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