2019-06-15 General Assembly/Minutes

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12 people are present, including 5 board members, 5 effective members, and 2 associate members at the time the GA begins; 2 effective members are voting by proxy.

Are approved as effective members: all new candidates are accepted (list to come) and there are two new associate members.

We need to have 7 votes to have the majority for votes.


  • Review and talk about the past activities as mentioned on the GA page.

Financial situation in 2018[edit]

  • Review of the payments
  • Suggestions of members:
    • being more specific about the names of the expense categories (ex. travel costs, claims for...)
    • more details : indicate cost for each activity ("activities" splits into meeting activities, educational activity, Wiki Loves program...)
    • having a cost commission componed by 2 members of the association to check (and approve) the expenses

Vote for the approval of the 2018 budget :

  • 12 votes in favor of approval to discharge the board (10 effective members + 2 proxy votes)
  • 0 against
  • 0 abstention.
  • The 2018 budget is approved.


  • (Re)Election of Romaine
    • Against: nobody
    • Abstention: nobody
  • Romaine is reelected as board member
  • (Re)Election of Geert
    • Against: nobody
    • Abstention: nobody
  • Geert is reelected as board member
  • Election of Taketa/Mike
    • For: 9
    • Against: none
    • Abstention: 1
  • Taketa is elected as a board member
  • (Re)Election of Geert as chairman by the board
    • For: everybody of the board
    • Geert is reelected as chairman by the board


  • WikiConvention : at the Université libre de Bruxelles, from 6 to 8 september 2019. We need to find an hotel for persons with reduced mobility + staff.
  • Wiki loves Heritage should take place from July to December, and would include all kind of heritage like the last year.
  • French activities: people globaly want new workshops and specially regular workshops (ex. for the workshops about gender gap in Luik) and more workshops will be organized at the maison Losseau for example.

Various topics[edit]

  • Twitter account in French: 90 followers, some in Belgium, who could be interested in joining us for activities
  • Reminder that Geert went to Berlin to represent WMBE for Strategy discussions (see the GA page).
  • sAPG : it would be good to be more independant financially of the Foundation.

GA closes at 17:25.