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A Wikimedian in residence or Wikipedian in residence (WiR) is a role in which an editor from the Wikimedia platforms accepts a placement within an institution to facilitate Wikipedia entries, Wikidata entries, uploads to Wikimedia Commons and other output on the Wikimedia platforms related to that institution. Often a WiR is recruited by a cultural institution (GLAM), but in other types of organisations a WiR can serve as well.

The position of a Wikimedian in residence is a temporary position in a what an experienced editor from one of the Wikimedia platforms is housed inside an organisation and often hired by that institution. This experienced editor introduces the organisation in usage of the Wikimedia platforms and trains the staff of the organisation in working with them on their own. Another possibility is that the Wikimedian in residence opens up the materials from the institution for usage in Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons or other Wikimedia platform.

A Wikimedian in residence cannot write or edit the Wikipedia article about your organisation, as that would result in a conflict of interest.


Some requirements for Wikimedia editors to be hired as WiR are:

  • Being experienced in editing Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia platforms
  • Being aware of the policies and guidelines, what is allowed and what not.
  • Does not cause a conflict of interest, and thus does not edit the Wikipedia article(s) about the institution.
  • Is on good stand with the local communities of the various Wikimedia platforms.


If you are interested as organisation to hire a Wikimedian in residence, please contact Wikimedia Belgium at

Wikimedia Belgium can help and guide you in the process of hiring a good Wikipedian in residence. Before the hiring process starts, we will evaluate with you if a Wikipedian in residence is the most suitable answer to your needs.

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