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This page contains the report of the Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin. In the two days before the conference the learning days take place.



Education session[edit]

  • Title: Education Strategy Track
  • Program: session description
  • Presentation: ...
  • Attended by: Romaine

In this session we shared the experiences we have in education in the many countries around the world.

We also review the Education Program Short Guide and gave feedback on it.

Buddy project[edit]

The buddy project is a project in what newbies in the Wikimedia movement get connected to experienced Wikimedians, so that the new Wikimedians can ask questions and have a better understanding how the movement works. In this way people get more included in the movement and have more social interaction.

During the Thursday evening the buddies where introduced to each other.


Movement Strategy track[edit]

In October 2017 the strategic direction for 2030 for the whole Wikimedia movement was published. During many sessions around the globe in 2017 and online, anyone in the movement had the chance to give input in what we as movement should go to in 2030. After the conclusion of the strategic direction, it is now time to think about how to implement this strategic direction in our annual plans and activities.

Structured Data[edit]

In Autumn 2018 structured data will be implemented on Wikimedia Commons. Practically this means each file page will get database fields, similar to Wikidata. But it will not be a duplicate to Wikidata, as on Wikidata there is one item per subject, on Commons a subject can have multiple files. In these database fields only data is stored that is typically for that specific file.

During the session we got an update about the progress of Structured Data, and we gave input on it. Specifically asked for where programs that use Commons and can make use of Structured Data.

To be able to easily implement the database to existing files, it is necessarily to already add Wikidata identifiers (Q...) to the file pages.


This topic sounds like fun, but it is more seriously than you might think.

In the Wikimedia movement, community building is not that easy. How to get people on board? This initiative shows that with limited efforts a lot can be achieved.

Another aspect is the shyness of people, being afraid to ask questions or just not comfortable to speak with other people. Goatification can be used as a nice icebreaker.

A third topic that came across is hierarchy. In the movement there is too much hierarchy in places where there is no need for it. Of course there are people who have roles, but to perform the tasks someone has hierarchy is not needed. Hierarchy creates also a feeling of looking down on people, as well is making it harder for people to participate and contribute. That is the opposite what we as movement want to achieve. Also here, the Goatification initiative breaks down these barriers.



Community support[edit]

  1. Successful volunteer support gives rise to a happy Wikimedia community.
    It makes volunteers feel that their work is valuable and appreciated. It fuels their motivation and spiritedness.
  2. Successful volunteer support lays the basis for fruitful relations between Wikimedia affiliate and the wider Wikimedia community.
    It facilitates mutual understanding and the alignment of goals. It makes Wikimedia affiliates more approachable and trustworthy.
  3. Successful volunteer support helps Wikipedia volunteers to use and improve their skills
    It enables them to focus on their quality driven objectives and to express their needs and wishes. (this means communication
  4. Successful volunteer support leads to a higher number of volunteers contributing to Wikimedia projects.
    It sets examples of friendly, supportive and empowering working environments.
  5. Successful volunteer support implicates more free content in Wikimedia projects.
    It adds to making the providing of free content a pleasant experience.
  6. Successful volunteer support values the involvement of the general public and external partners.
    It contributes to the high reputation and widespread usage of Wikimedia projects.

Quote: "Wikipedians have a special mindset. How many people in the world get excited by finding a fact about an 18th century ship?"

Upcoming: Volunteer Supporters Network Meeting 2018 on 9 – 11 November 2018 in Vienna

Volunteer support[edit]


  • Estonia: welcoming team for newbies online
  • France: having an online monthly hangout call where users can ask questions
  • give them an online/offline award when they for example have written 5 articles (keep in mind that long-term editors should also be recognised for their work)
  • Organise informal meetups to have stronger feeling

SPARQL for Beginners[edit]

  • Title: SPARQL for Beginners (Querying Wikidata) by Asaf Bartov in Room Körner 2 aka Workstation
  • Presentation: ?
  • Attended by: Romaine
  • Query link: