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This is the jury report for the winning photos in Wiki Loves Art 2016 in Belgium.

Paintings of children, Ghent
Author: Evelien Bauwens
The photographer grouped three works of the museum together in a strong composition. The image illustrates very well the museography that the MSK Ghent consciously employed to recreate the bourgeois feel of the Fine Arts Museum in its early days.
View from panoramic roof at Kazerne Dossin Memorial, Mechelen
Author: Jessica Dommicent
A candid look at the architecture of the Kazerne Dossin, embracing the photography medium (lens flare).
Doppel-Sport Panorama camera, Mechelen
Author: Vincent Ho
The jury likes the completely sharp, useful photographic reproduction of this quite peculiar object.
Star-wheel rakes, Lembeke
Author: Rosita Santens
The image is very simple yet transforms the original photographed object into something totally new and abstract. The colors have a seventies quality to it and reminds the jury of the work of William Eggleston.
Jews Stars - from clothing, and portrait, Mechelen
Author: Ronald Torfs
The jury likes the strange composition, harsh lighting and position of the face at the edge of the image.
Het klompenmakertje, Lembeke
Author: Denise Troch
This picture was part of a very good series, in which the photographer managed to take have a clear look at the horror vacui of the Bardelaere exhibitions. Horrible yet fascinating.
'The Church of Saint-Catherine at Wondelgem' by George Buysse, Ghent
Author: Adrian Popan
The image will prove very valuable to art historians and researchers. The painting is well photographed and it includes the frame, which is often missing on photographic reproductions for scientific purposes.
Cabinet in the Mundaneum, Mons
Author: Stefaan Van der Biest
The jury is happy that the Mundaneum can be represented in the selection because of its significance as a historical predecessor to Wikipedia. They have picked this specific image because its shapes, light and colors are beautiful. The picture is straightforward yet has a dreamlike and abstract quality. You can just keep looking and discovering new things. It also includes the moisture/temperature machine which hints at the fragility of our heritage and the necessity to keep it alive.
Atelier de moulages 12, Brussels
Author: Christine Van Heertum
The care that has been taken in the composition of this picture reflects the care that is taken in the work that happens behind the scenes of the museum.
Atelier de moulages 20, Brussels
Author: Christine Van Heertum
The picture almost looks like a conceptual work of art in itself. This very mundane object has a surreal quality. The photographer noticed that this is worth showing. It also shows the behind-the-scenes work in museums.
The human passions, by Jef Lambeaux, Brussels
Author: Christine Van Heertum
The photographer captured the essence of the entire work. It reflects the joy and the uncontrollable aspect of the human passions. You almost forget that the image is carved out of stone.
'The Picture Lover' by Henri de Braekeleer, Ghent
Author: Rob van Hegelsom
The jury likes how this layered image represents Belgian heritage. There is so much depth: the figure watching the paintings, the painting of paintings in an exhibition and the photographer deciding to keep the frame of the painting as well.

The Jury

  • Hilke Arijs
  • Hana Miletic
  • Els van Riel
  • Dirk Seghers
  • Rony Vissers

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