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  • Image in full size at Wikimedia Commons to be able to cut out a piece.
  • Works are in public domain, museums own the physical works, conserve the works, but do not own the copyrights (author rights).
  • Goal of institution is to share as much as heritage as possible. To reach a as large as possible audience as possible.
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The met, an encyclopedic and global art institution, seeks to share its collections with the international public. The Met works to support its partners and peer institutions to further access to and encourage the study of art history through its collections and scholarship.

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We find that a journal's academic status (impact factor) and accessibility (open access policy) both strongly increase the probability of it being referenced on Wikipedia. Controlling for field and impact factor, the odds that an open access journal is referenced on the English Wikipedia are 47% higher compared to paywall journals.

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  • Q26262838
    • nl: De paarden van Albrecht en Isabella
    • en: The horses of Albert and Isabella
    • fr: Les chevaux d'Albrecht et Isabelle

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