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Rudy Patard
Rudy Patard

About me

I'm doing research on sustainability assessment. During my (strangely ongoing) thesis I come up with a proposal to overcome the 'data availability issue' of my discipline. Introduced to the wikimedian universe during a doctoral course I'm exploring the capacities of wikis. I try to make different associations and groups to contribute to wikimedian spaces in respect with their respective goal. I consider knowledge must be produced and interacted with as a Common and fight humbly against enclosures. I am an engineer. I worked as a consultant before taking on my thesis. I enjoy the mix of cultures international work provides.

My work

I am currently searching for a new thesis direction in order to complete my PhD. My work is on HAL open archive and currently on github for my drafts (tex and svg files). I'm searching for possibilities to complete this work by a collaborative thesis in wikiversities spaces (fr ; en). Following the project (JSL and Wikimedian Thesis) I'll put this work under Wikiversity.

Contact me

  • wikimedian notification is fine by me.
  • E-mail: rudy.patard(_AT_) (yeah I know)
  • visio : I favor 'without account applications' framatalk,