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Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson
“Share the knowledge means to increase it.”
Tunnel in the Charleroi metro ghost network.

About me

Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson is a software developer and graphist, Wikimedian, FreeBSD contributor, urban community creator, hackerspace founder and projects catalyst.

As a Wikimedian, he has contributed to the projects since 2005 and share his time between Wikimedia Commons, the French Wikipedia and technical work (MediaWiki bugs corrections or translation helper tools).

My work

In 2009, Sébastien Santoro made a fresh new proposal to create Wikimedia Belgium and now coordinates the creation effort of the chapter with M0tty, SPQRobin and Romaine.

He's available to do event planning, legal work on the chapter or to give talks.

Disclaimer: Although I'm involved with Wikimedia Belgium, contributions under this account do not necessarily represent the actions or views of the chapter unless expressly stated otherwise. For example, edits to articles or uploads of other media are done in my individual, personal capacity unless otherwise stated.

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