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Hey, I'm Atcovi. I'm mainly active on the English Wikiversity (home wiki), English Wikibooks and German Wikipedia.

I joined the English Wikipedia in 2010 and settled in the English Wikiversity in 2011 (after I was blocked on After many of my accounts being locked and with a blocking of a close friend on Wikiversity, I took a 2 year break before I returned to activity in 2013. There, it didn't really get much better for me - I got community banned on Simple English Wikipedia for incompetence and inability to constructively contribute--and I was still an overall troublesome editor (on my "Aaqib" account).

From late 2014 and onward, I began improving and maturing as a person (I was a kid back then). I became an English Wikibooks administrator in March 2015 and an English Wikiversity curator (the first one!) in late 2015. During this period, I became heavily involved in SWMT work - becoming a global rollbacker in 2016. I kept up the extensive SWMT work for 3 years, becoming a global sysop in January 2019. Due to real-life difficulties and the general workload of school, I was significantly inactive from February/March 2019. As a result of this inactivity, I relinquished my global sysop rights in August 2019 and my global rollback rights in July 2020.

I returned from my period of inactivity in October 2020 as in-real-life circumstances changed, allowing more time for me to contribute extensively to Wikimedia. In December 2020, I became a sysop on Meta-Wiki, furthering my abilities to remove vandalism and spam. In June 2021, I became a custodian on the English Wikiversity.

I'm glad to be a part of a friendly community which supplies the world with knowledge and information. I feel like editing Wikimedia is a time well spent.

If you need to contact me (or ask a question), my talk page and email are open.


IRC-Nick: Atcovi, thestupidking, or TSK/tsk

Email: You'll find out once you've emailed me ;-)