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Title page: "Wikimedian in Residence" -> "Wikimedian in Residence project"

"This experienced editor" -> will not be realistic in most cases, maybe go simply for "The Wikimedian in residence"

"Another task of the Wikimedian in residence could be to release the materials from the institution under a free license for Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons or other Wikimedia platforms." -> since we no longer advocate CC0 for public domain images in favour of PDM for public domain collections and in any case they aren't strictly 'licenses' I would say: "to release data under the CC0 waiver, reproductions of 2D works with a public domain mark and reproductions of 3D works under a free license, preferably CC0." + "The WiR could also organise activities which valorise the uploads such as writing articles or organising Wikipedia writing sessions on works in their collection, artists, artistic schools, etc."

"It could be organised as an internship." -> "The friends of Wikimedia Belgium willprovide a grant of 5.500 euros per selected project, which should cover the cost of a six month paid professional internship (BIS-internship in Flanders, FOREM-internship in Wallonia).

"Limitation: A Wikimedian in residence cannot write or edit a Wikipedia article related to the organisation, as that would result in a conflict of interest." -> I wouldn't put this here or word it like that. Maybe you could add what I suggested above and simply not select projects that ask for editing their own article.

I would add an image. Suggestion:

Requirements -> not realistic with an intern and in any case with this page we are addressing the institutions not yet a future wikimedian in residence, I would delete this part alltogether and replace it with -> "Call for projects!"

The friends of Wikimedia Belgium fund (managed at the King Baudouin foundation) will support 3 projects in the second half of 2022 with a project grant of 5.500 euros. Please send your project proposal to by 30 April 2022.

What do we expect from your project proposal?

  • content:
    • What is your project?
    • Why are you proposing the project?
    • On which collections will the project focus?
    • What are the expected results and outcomes? For the institution, for the Wikimedia platforms and society at large?
  • admin:
    • Where will the WiR be accommodated?
    • Will the institution provide an office space, a laptop?
    • Who will manage the WiR at the institution and do the daily follow-up?
    • How will the WiR be trained?
    • Human resources: How will the institution be able to put the WiR on their payroll, how will they invoice the King Baudouin foundation, will the institution insure the WiR
    • project planning and budget

--Sam.Donvil (talk) 17:26, 18 February 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]