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This Month in GLAM (TMIG) is a newsletter written and published by the Wikimedia community about the collaborations that Wikimedia has with GLAM institutions like galleries, libraries, archives, museums.

The newsletter is published every month around the 7th and is written by volunteers from Wikipedia and her sister projects, volunteers and staff from Wikimedia chapters and other affiliates, Wikimedia Foundation staff, and staff/volunteers from the GLAM partners who work together with Wikimedia. Anyone can share best practises, activities and other experiences.


Since 2013 reports about collaborations with cultural institutions from Belgium have been published. See for the reports about Belgium at Belgium reports.

A GLAM & Wikimedia story to share? You can start in the newsroom writing your story.

Where can I read the newsletter?[edit]

There are multiple ways to read the newsletter.

  • You can have a monthly copy of This Month in GLAM delivered to your talk page on any Wikimedia wiki. To receive the newsletter you can add your user name to Global message delivery/Targets/GLAM.
  • You can receive the headlines of every edition by e-mail if you are subscribed to one of the following mailing lists. These are WikimediaAnnounce-l (public), GLAM (public), and cultural-partners (internal).

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