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SOIMA 2017: Sustaining Sound and Image Collections is an international course organised by ICCROM's Safeguarding Sound and Images Programme, in Accra (Ghana). The course takes place at The Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana from 9 July till 23 July 2017.


In order to address the challenges of collecting, preserving, using and reusing audiovisual content such as sound, photography and moving images, in Africa the course will this year take place in Accra. Within the broader context of rapidly changing technology and shrinking resources, many audiovisual collections world-wide are struggling in preserving this heritage. This is especially the case for many African collections, as resources are often limited.

About the course[edit]

The course will focus on collection management issues in different institutional contexts that are unique to these types of materials.

The emphasis is on strategic decision-making and practical execution of solutions. In particular, it will showcase cost-efficient strategies for prioritizing content, developing robust digitization and preservation programmes, and ensuring that smaller institutions and communities have the ability to preserve their memory and cultural record. Topics will include: digital preservation, collection assessments, dealing with digitization and documentation backlogs, utilizing innovative Open Access solutions, intellectual property rights, copyright legislation, community-based archiving and assessing values and meanings of audiovisual collections.

Topics covered by Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

  • Digitization of photographic materials
  • Uploading content to commons
  • Writing for Wikipedia
  • Introduction to Wikidata


Wikimedia Belgium has been collaborating to the SOIMA programme since 2015. During this edition they will work together with the participants in creating new content on various Wikimedia platforms.




  • 9 July-23 July 2017 - SOIMA 2017: Sustaining Sound and Image Collections course
  • 10 July 2017 - SOIMA 2017: Overview of IPR and the use of open-licences on Wikimedia platforms (lecture)
  • 11 July 2017 - SOIMA 2017: Writing for Wikipedia (illustrated workshop and demo)


  • Number of participants: 17
  • Number of countries represented: 13
  • Number of articles written or edited on Wikipedia: 7
  • Number of uploads: 3

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