Report meeting 30 November 2012

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People present: Antoine, Romaine, Ward De Ridder (warddr), Robby, Lodewijk, Geert Van Pamel, Jos 1. Lodewijk explains what the Affiliations Committee is and explains the difference between chapters, Thematic Organizations and Wikimedia User Groups.

2. Why Luxembourg will join us (and not start their own chapter)

  • Noone is ready to do all the work
  • only limited group interested

I thought Luxembourg would like to wait with a WMLU organization. Until then they can join WMBE chapter activities...

3. What kind of structure should wikimedia belgium be?

  • Language?
    • It can be interested to organize groups per language (Dutch, French, German), they can start projects?
    • You can start projects and figure out a language from there on (for example promotion in Antwerp can best be in Ducth)?
    • We can let everyone use his own language (in e-mails)? And translate using a translation tool?
    • Language for communication to the government (this should probably be Dutch or French)?

4. Time plan bylaws

  • Getting more information: finished by the end of December
  • Use the templates to make a first draft: January and february
  • Send in preliminary draft: at least 10 days before the meeting
  • Meeting about questions we have left: end of february
  • Send the final draft: after the meeting

5. Questions about the bylaws

6. Who wants to help figuring things out about the bylaws:

  • Antoine (Get in touch with CC belgium)
  • Ward (have not got mutch time until february)
  • Romaine
  • Geert Van Pamel
    • call VSDC
    • Contact board member of OKFN
      • e-mail verstuurd 30/11/2012

7. Events / projects

  • FOSDEM stand (Ward will send a mail to the mailinglist)
  • Wiki loves monuments 2013?
  • Take a look at ideas from other countries: Lodewijk presented a number of 'cool projects' by chapters all over the world. Slides are available in pdf:
  • Picture exhibition of wiki loves monuments / picture of the year (Antoine will look into this)
  • Presscards for wikipedia editors

Action points:

  • Lodewijk: contact cc-nl about possible contact person at cc-be. ✓ Done
  • Geert: contact VSDC about process and template bylaws
  • all: collect some useful simple example bylaws
  • Geert: contact OKFN
  • Romaine: bring up the question about selecting a (temp) treasurer on the mailing list/wiki
  • Geert: set up meeting end Feb. about open questions