Invitation: Wikipedia printed in Ghent

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Hereby we invite you coming Saturday to see how it will look like if we would print the Dutch Wikipedia.

In the coming weekend the Dutch Wikipedia will be printed as an art project in the city of Ghent. The project also has been done in New York and Berlin with the English and German language Wikipedia. See also the English article about this project at: Print Wikipedia. In total exist the encyclopedia out of 1065 books, including 2 books with the appendix of the contributors.

Wikimedia Belgium provides together with the artist for a snack and drink and anyone interested is welcome.

Registration is not required, but useful to make an estimate, and can at:

Who wants to take pictures is also welcome! This project should become well documented. Until then!

Artist Michael Mandiberg and his assistant Jonathan Kiritharan with one of the printed books of the encyclopedia with a previous edition of this project in Denny Gallery, New York City.