2015-10-18 Boardmeeting

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  • Date: 18 October 2015
  • Time: 14:00
  • Venue: Place de Londres
  • Present: Stefano, Geert, Romaine, M0tty, DerekvG
  • Excused: Alberto, Lionel, Maarten
  • Members:

The meeting is open for members.


General Assembly[edit]

  • Determine date range for the General Assembly: January 30, 23, or 16 (in order of preference). We need to look for a venue.
  • Our members will be invited via e-mail
  • Board responsibilities: who wants to run for board? Actually it is only a President that needs to be elected; the other board members have still 1 year to go...

How can we better collaborate?[edit]

We propose to have an dedicated board meeting on the 8th or 14th of November. Derek aks why we do not use Google for non-profit. We do require private shared storage for agenda and documents.

Tasks to be done[edit]

  • Antoine is conducting a project on Wikisource @Paul Otlet museum.
  • Organisation of wikimeeting / wiki saturdays: considered to be a good idea; could be combined with a board meeting.
  • Collaboration with "mind the Gendergap" @Belgium
  • Preparation of Wikiducation: schools in Kortrijk, Tunrhout, Mechelen; several activities are being planned presentations to teaching staff and students, setup of wikibased course projects, off-wiki activities such as wiki-cafés/editathons, visit to library (sho pupils how to use an UDC ).
  • Illustrating Wikipedia; could go with a photography course in Wikiducation, and a brochure about how to handle multimedia in Wikipedia.
  • Recrutement and training of additional OFFWIKI volunteers
  • Appointment of one /or more GLAM project manager(s); taks: Define project, Budget estimates & resources, Planning, Engaging partners, Finance, Collaboration agreements.
  • Potential GLAM projects: Univ. Bibliotheek Gent, Plantijn-Moretus, Felixarchief Antwerpen, Mode museum, Koninklijk Kunstmuseum. Romaine reported GLAM projects at Rijksmuseum, Univ. bibliotheek Utrecht, Univ Maastricht.
  • Wiki loves Parliaments (Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium?)

Project Reporting[edit]

SOIMA 2015

  • Italy/UAE/Tunisia project (Stefano)
  • Thank you from ICCROM

Financial report[edit]

Derek to add more details

Project funding[edit]

--DerekvG (talk) 20:39, 13 October 2015 (UTC) proposes to freeze the 2015-s2 budget and put only SOIMA , 1 board meetign and 1 Genral assembly on the budget and the start of the website[reply]
and everything else goes to the 2016-s1 budget
because it being oktober 15th we cannot realise anything during the coming 8 weeks
handled by MADe and Derek
so we start planning for 2016 ... please consult and edit Preparation_Budget/Grant_2016_S1


  • Open Belgium (OKFN) -> presentations must be submitted before 15 November (here)
  • OpenCon These people asked for our support but are not willing to allow attendees; This is a murky organisation- un transparent- with a chaotically organised event, and they asked us to support them , let them ask WMF - S Frisco and if WMF wants us to help it will be expences based ( we will invoice them for our travel expences and peopletime)
  • Wikisource Vienna 20-22 november (Derek intended to go but cannot attend due to professional obligations)
  • Budapest Derek invited but the was conference cancelled
  • Erasmusprijs NL 25th of November
  • Conferences in 2016
  • May 2016 Berlin
  • June 2016 Wikimania Italy

Candidates to attend these conferences should be notify Maarten and Derek before 1st of December 2015.


  • Registering in Transparency Register EU: there should be a handover from Dimi to Romaine?
  • Declarations to sign:
  1. Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities - http://openaccess.mpg.de/Berlin-Declaration - signed by WMF and multiple chapters, and in November 2014 already 4 board votes by mail for it
  2. Lyon Declaration; On Access to Information and Development - http://www.lyondeclaration.org/ - signed by WMF and multiple chapters


Romaine presented the new brochures "Collaborating with Wikippedia", and "CC-licenses"

Derek reported that the moderator problems are still unsolved.

Romaine to share the survey results link.