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The WDFIST tool allows you to automatically register missing images on Wikidata for items that do not have a (P18) image (statement) yet.


  • Use a SPARQL query to list items for which Wikipedia pages do have images
  • Use a Wikipedia category

User interaction[edit]

  • Select the best fit image to automatically register on Wikidata
  • Skip the item update when there is no good image available

Tool power[edit]

  • No knowledge of Wikidata nor SPARQL required

Tool location[edit]


  • Imagine you have created a project (Q111843878) that links all project items via the (P6104) property:
  ?item wdt:P6104 wd:Q111843878.
  • To do this for all Wikimedia Belgium projects:
  ?campaign wdt:P664 wd:Q18398868.
  ?item wdt:P6104 ?campaign.
  • Geospatial query: range of 15 km from Ternat:
SERVICE wikibase:around {
      ?item wdt:P625 ?itemlocation .
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:center "Point(4.17633 50.87192)"^^geo:wktLiteral .
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:radius "15" .

Missing functionality[edit]

  • Show the Wikidata label in the native language when available
  • Reuse the item list (Q-numbers) => copy/past to other tools

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