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Wikimedia Chat is an open source instance for social communication on the Wikimedia Cloud infrastructure (to replace the multiple commercial communication channels such as Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal, Slack, Discord, amongst others).

It is an implementation of the Mattermost open source technology.


Volunteers require a "safe" discussion tool that would be open source, hosted on Wikimedia servers, complying to local laws (GDPR for Europe), and having some modern features that are currently missing on IRC.

It is an informal communication channel, covering all functionality of commercial social platforms. It has the potential to replace multiple scattered commercial communication tools. One of the problem is that parties and individuals are using too many different platforms.

It complies to the code of conduct for Wikimedia technical spaces.

It is not an eternal archive; messages are removed after 90 days, so it requires no manual maintenance, but you have to archive important messages for yourself (it behaves a bit like Etherpad).

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